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Slime Tire Plug Kit 1034-A

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Repairs punctures on ATVs, mowers, trailers and wheelbarrows.

  • Rubber cement, T- handle reamer plugger tools and plugs
  • Refill with SLiME tire plugs
  • For tubeless off-road tires: ATVs, wheelbarrows, mowers and more
  • Carries the Slime Satisfaction Guarantee


Steve and Margaret Cegelski created SLiME in their garage in 1989. They turned a green, gooey, almost glow-in-the-dark substance with a snot-like texture into a best selling tire sealant that is now sold worldwide.

SLiME is a liquid sealant that instantly seals punctures as they happen. SLiME is not one of those aerosol "fixers" - it is a non-aerosol, non-flammable and environmentally friendly blend of fibers, polymers, and binders that will prevent and repair flats for up to 2 years. How do you get it in the tire or tube? It's simple. Just remove the valve core, inject SLiME, replace the valve core and reinflate. It's that easy - no more flats!

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