Vanson Waxed Cotton Jackets : Leather Alternative March 30, 2017 14:20

The Stormer. The Redemption. 

Vanson Leather Company is known for their "Built to Last" Motto are classic American made quality jackets.

Love Vanson but not looking to wear a leather jacket in the middle of the summer while you ride? Let us introduce you to Waxed Cotton.

Waxed Cotton was created in the 1850's and was widely used for farmers and gamekeepers, so durability was obviously necessary. As motorcycling became popular the waxed cotton jackets benefits were utilized and became the leather jacket alternative. It is waterproof, light weight and flexible. The waxy texture of the jacket helps prevent tearing and road rash but to be clear is NOT KEVLAR. It is not meant for racing but basic motorcycle use.

Now lets talk styles....

The Redemption: Classic, Casual, Cool.

This jacket is a button down 4 pocket style with a collar. It's perfect for dressing up a little or having the option to at least. It has the classic look with the benefits of durability. It is so much more than just a riding jacket! The perfect date night or dinner jacket with that cool guy tone. It is available in Black and Olive Green.  


The Stormer: The name says it all

This jacket is not only a staple item in your closet but will surely become your favorite. With 4 snap pockets in the front for easy access it is nothing short of practical and cool. There is a neck strap and double wind zipper flap to ensure you are breaking wind with this guy. Perfect for riding but also just an awesome piece to own for chilly nights. Available in Tan, Olive Green and Black of course.