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Tina Fino's Fine Art Visits Genuine

" I love the imperfections of hand painting..." The secret behind Tina Fino's art.
She loves hand painting onto antique and unique items she finds, mostly photo frames and mirrors and mostly in gold leaf. Her art reminisces traditional tattoos with a twist of her originality. Tina's skills have even taken her from painting on mirrors to the occasional painting of store front windows such as Do or Die Tattoo, Homebody Boutique, New York Hardcore Tattoos, Bound For Glory Tattoos and Panther Printing Company.
On Friday April 28th, as we celebrated our 8th Year Anniversary of Genuine Motorworks, Tina Fino brought her art for a show. Apart from her art she hand painted custom lettering on Mad Squirrel Leather items; including wallets, key fobs, tool bags and leather bowls.
Tina's art is available for purchase at Genuine Motorworks and will be on display until May 15th. Come in and check out the unique pieces before they're gone!!


                                     Tina Fino's Art For Sale


tina-finos-art tina-finos-arttina-finos-art



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