Hard Rider NYC : Brand Profile May 19, 2017 12:09

"Wear it like you stole it"

Hard Rider is the epitome of the "F*T*W* - "N*Y*M*F" lifestyle brand. Quality T-shirts and Hats that are both designed and printed in Queens, New York by a regular hard working blue collar guy. Hard Rider apparel is made to be comfortable, affordable and to durable. It is very popular among the NYC motorcycle scene but has even expanded to a mobile store- so watch out for the Hard Rider Trailer in your town!

  "Hard Rider apparel is built on the belief of living life as free as you possibly can and doing what you love to earn a living. In 1999 Hard Rider NYC ( HRNYC ) was formed to forge a bond between friends among bikes and the carefree jeans and t-shirt style we all grew up wearing everyday on these NY streets."-- Hard Rider NYC.


  • Fit is true to size
  • Hard Rider NYC clothing has developed eight custom
    fabrics to fit their collection. These fabrics are produced in the USA New York and New Jersey