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Does My Helmet Fit ?


Tricks and Tips for a Proper Fit

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Does my helmet fit? and we are here to help!

.....Sure you can wrap a tape measure around your head and get exact sizes to match with your helmet but who really wants to do that? Here are 3 very basic and easy tips and tricks to make sure you have a proper fitting helmet.

1. Make sure your helmet is DOT approved! 

 This is essential. Without a helmet that passes safety regulations fit and comfort are completely irrelevant.

2. Your helmet should be as tight as possible with out hurting.

Remember at higher speeds and after wear your helmet will both loosen and shake a little bit however, when if you feel any pressure points this helmet is not for you. After time those pressure points may become painful headaches and distract you from the task at hand...riding! 

3. Your size does not mean that is your helmet.

Everyone has a different shaped head and face. Every helmet company makes a different shaped shell. Typically they are either oval or round. Sometimes certain helmet companies will not fit your specific head shape comfortably even if it is the correct size. Going up or down a size will not fix this as you are then compromising fit!


Shake your head yes, then no. Does your helmet wiggle? It is too big. Whether you choose a full face helmet or a 3/4 and even a half...you should get that nestled in feeling.


Side note:

A great beginners helmet is a Biltwell Gringo S. It fits most head shapes and has a very comfortable padding set up. If you are looking for something with even more coverage or you are just not into that vintage style...a Simpson Street Bandit is another great beginners option. Simpson helmets come with an extra set of cheek pads . Why? Lets say you are a size Medium but you have really chubby cheeks....This does not mean you are now a size Small as the circumference of your head is still a Size Medium. Simply trade out the larger cheek pads for smaller ones and bam! You've got a perfect fit.


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