Deerskin Teepee Boots ! June 09, 2017 15:01

Graceful, soft and majestic.
Your feet feel like they are floating on little bouncy clouds when you take a step in these Teepee Booties. Not only are these little boots sleek and fashion forward...they are handmade in Wisconsin, USA just how we like them.
They run in whole sizes only and slightly big (maybe by a half of a size). Keep in mind they are Deerskin and will stretch out a little bit so perhaps it is best to go slightly tighter than looser. The soles are made of rubber and they come in a beautiful Saddle color, Cream and Black of course. 
Be prepared to spoil your feet! After walking in these Teepee Booties you will not want to wear anything else. They slip on super easily and almost feel like a house slipper but with more support. Imagine being able to walk around all day with that at home feeling on your feet...AND looking good! They completely flex with your feet so your feet are not tired of being in shoes all day.
But what can I wear them with?
These little Teepee boots have such a casual comfortable feel with a high end elegance being that they are soft Deer Skin so you can wear them with mostly anything. A pair of cute shorts with a flowy top or even a pair of ripped jeans and a tank top these will truly be your everything shoes.
Brand : Footwear by Footskins