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Daytona's Retro Helmet - Ride With Modern Comfort

Daytona full face Retro Ride helmet
Vintage and Retro is all the craze right now, but is it safe? Comfortable?
Daytona has the answer. YES ! The Daytona full face Retro Ride helmet meets DOT safety standards while maintaining a classic simple style.
Lets talk specs:
Weight : 2lbs 6.2oz
Material: Fiber Glass Shell, Nylon/Poly blend lining
Shield: 2 Snaps, 1 on each side, Not removable
Certifications: DOT
Color: White/Black Pin Stripe
Shape: Slightly Oval
The Daytona Retro Ride is a winner for the price. If you are looking for a non-expensive helmet with simplicity and style...this is your guy.
But is it comfortable? The fiberglass shield makes this helmet very light weight but the padding gives you the comfort of safety. It hugs around the nape of your neck and high onto your cheeks giving you that nestled in secure feeling. Although it does not have air vents, the shield is not air tight so fogging is little to none.
There is more!
 Because we believe in this helmets enjoyability we are having a sale until Friday!!
Normally Priced at $120 (still a steal)
Sale $ 90 bucks! Take advantage!

Daytona full face Retro Ride helmet

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