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Customizing the Fit of Your Biltwell Helmet

Straight from Biltwellinc.com:

Engineering a stylish, comfortable motorcycle helmet is clearly a scientific endeavor, but crafting a liner that’s snug enough to ensure safety yet soft and compliant enough to provide comfort is practically voodoo. With so many different helmet styles, head sizes, face shapes and personal opinions to consider, making a single comfort liner that feels great for every head on the highway is impossible. That’s why we offer 18 different cheek pad assemblies for our Bonanza, Gringo/Gringo S and Lane Splitter helmets—six different thicknesses per model.

Every Biltwell helmet features a removable, hand-stitched comfort liner comprising three pieces: one padded head form and two cheek pads. Biltwell cheek pads feature synthetic open-cell foam padding for breathability and comfort, and vary in thickness depending on the helmet’s size. The charts below show the cheek pad thickness that comes standard for every given helmet size. For example, XL Biltwell Bonanza helmets come stock with 25mm thick cheek pads.


Column 1 on both charts shows the helmet size. Column 2 shows the stock cheek pad spec for every size. The third column shows which aftermarket pads to consider if your helmet feels tight on your face. Column 4 lists the cheek pad options available if your helmet feels loose. NOTE: Every Biltwell helmet model features different cheek pads—make sure you are reading the correct chart before ordering. You can buy aftermarket cheek pads for fine-tuning your Biltwell helmet on our accessory page

Bonanza - Gringo Cheek Pad Chart

Lane Splitter Cheek Pad Chart

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