BRAND PROFILE: Grifter March 24, 2017 15:12

     We are very excited to be a carrying Grifter gloves at Genuine Motorworks. Grifter is known for their updated moto gloves and believes you shouldn't be cornered into a one-note style of motorcycle gloves.
     They began their journey in an effort to create a quality leather gloves without compromising style. It led Grifter to Gloversville, New York, where they found the remnants of an industrial boom. The community was framed by the glove manufacturing industry. But of course time passes and quality products were loosing popularity as business was taken over by overseas factories.
     This did not discourage Grifter as they partnered with a glove maker in Gloversville. The product quality is not compensated. Down to the leather, which is tanned locally. Just check out the Rangers Gloves.
"Every set of gloves we sell was hand-sewn by a skilled American."
     Now this is what we love to hear!
It is clear they have accomplished their goal. Congrats Grifter!