Hard Rider NYC : Brand Profile May 19, 2017 12:09

"Wear it like you stole it"

Hard Rider is the epitome of the "F*T*W* - "N*Y*M*F" lifestyle brand. Quality T-shirts and Hats that are both designed and printed in Queens, New York by a regular hard working blue collar guy. Hard Rider apparel is made to be comfortable, affordable and to durable. It is very popular among the NYC motorcycle scene but has even expanded to a mobile store- so watch out for the Hard Rider Trailer in your town!

  "Hard Rider apparel is built on the belief of living life as free as you possibly can and doing what you love to earn a living. In 1999 Hard Rider NYC ( HRNYC ) was formed to forge a bond between friends among bikes and the carefree jeans and t-shirt style we all grew up wearing everyday on these NY streets."-- Hard Rider NYC.


  • Fit is true to size
  • Hard Rider NYC clothing has developed eight custom
    fabrics to fit their collection. These fabrics are produced in the USA New York and New Jersey


Don't Miss SMOKE OUT 18! May 11, 2017 18:43

This year Smoke Out 18 is nothing short of awesome. Beginning June 16 to the 17th, the weekend is going to be packed with a crazy amount of events. Get excited for the Drag race, Freak Show, Mini Bike Race and so much more.
To begin, the Horse "Chopper" Bike Show will be filled with grade A motorcycles. The quickest way to be featured in the pages of The HORSE Backstreet Choppers Magazine. And the entry fee is only $20!
The traditional "Painted Lady Contest" calls for ladies (and some men) to get artwork painted on their bodies for a shot of winning a cash prize. The Cherry Bombs will be performing, more reason to attend to catch this all ladies burlesque band.
So, don't hesitate to have a good time...
Remember June 16-17


June 16 Noon to 11 pm


June 17 10 am to 11 pm

2152 N Us Hwy 1, Rockingham, NC 28379

For more details and tickets be sure to visit:

Mad Squirrel Leather at Genuine May 09, 2017 13:25

Handmade in North America Mad Squirrel Leather is a treasure.
Perfect additions to your leather collection or as a thoughtful gift the quality and material is a steal for the price. We love finding hidden gems in small businesses and Mad Squirrel is not falling short. The items stretch from key fobs to Tote bags, there is something for everyone. All items are soft and durable we are excited to have these  few selected items a part of our store! Grab them while they last!

Tina Fino's Fine Art Visits Genuine May 03, 2017 19:11

" I love the imperfections of hand painting..." The secret behind Tina Fino's art.
She loves hand painting onto antique and unique items she finds, mostly photo frames and mirrors and mostly in gold leaf. Her art reminisces traditional tattoos with a twist of her originality. Tina's skills have even taken her from painting on mirrors to the occasional painting of store front windows such as Do or Die Tattoo, Homebody Boutique, New York Hardcore Tattoos, Bound For Glory Tattoos and Panther Printing Company.
On Friday April 28th, as we celebrated our 8th Year Anniversary of Genuine Motorworks, Tina Fino brought her art for a show. Apart from her art she hand painted custom lettering on Mad Squirrel Leather items; including wallets, key fobs, tool bags and leather bowls.
Tina's art is available for purchase at Genuine Motorworks and will be on display until May 15th. Come in and check out the unique pieces before they're gone!!


                                     Tina Fino's Art For Sale




Our 8 Year Anniversary Party! April 26, 2017 14:31

8 Years have passed !

Come Celebrate with us this Friday the 28th at Genuine Motorworks (195 North 14st, Brooklyn, NY, 11211) from 7pm-10pm.

Mad Squirrel Leathers has made a handful of handmade leather items like wallets, blanket straps, tote bags and key fobs so that guest artist Tina Fino can customize them for you!

She will be hand painting items right in front of you. This is the perfect opportunity for a small personal gift or just a cool item to own that no one else will ever have.

Free Beers and Snacks while you wait !

Does My Helmet Fit ? April 19, 2017 16:20


Tricks and Tips for a Proper Fit

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Does my helmet fit? and we are here to help!

.....Sure you can wrap a tape measure around your head and get exact sizes to match with your helmet but who really wants to do that? Here are 3 very basic and easy tips and tricks to make sure you have a proper fitting helmet.

1. Make sure your helmet is DOT approved! 

 This is essential. Without a helmet that passes safety regulations fit and comfort are completely irrelevant.

2. Your helmet should be as tight as possible with out hurting.

Remember at higher speeds and after wear your helmet will both loosen and shake a little bit however, when if you feel any pressure points this helmet is not for you. After time those pressure points may become painful headaches and distract you from the task at hand...riding! 

3. Your size does not mean that is your helmet.

Everyone has a different shaped head and face. Every helmet company makes a different shaped shell. Typically they are either oval or round. Sometimes certain helmet companies will not fit your specific head shape comfortably even if it is the correct size. Going up or down a size will not fix this as you are then compromising fit!


Shake your head yes, then no. Does your helmet wiggle? It is too big. Whether you choose a full face helmet or a 3/4 and even a should get that nestled in feeling.


Side note:

A great beginners helmet is a Biltwell Gringo S. It fits most head shapes and has a very comfortable padding set up. If you are looking for something with even more coverage or you are just not into that vintage style...a Simpson Street Bandit is another great beginners option. Simpson helmets come with an extra set of cheek pads . Why? Lets say you are a size Medium but you have really chubby cheeks....This does not mean you are now a size Small as the circumference of your head is still a Size Medium. Simply trade out the larger cheek pads for smaller ones and bam! You've got a perfect fit.


Daytona's Retro Helmet - Ride With Modern Comfort April 04, 2017 15:22

Vintage and Retro is all the craze right now, but is it safe? Comfortable?
Daytona has the answer. YES ! The Daytona full face Retro Ride helmet meets DOT safety standards while maintaining a classic simple style.
Lets talk specs:
Weight : 2lbs 6.2oz
Material: Fiber Glass Shell, Nylon/Poly blend lining
Shield: 2 Snaps, 1 on each side, Not removable
Certifications: DOT
Color: White/Black Pin Stripe
Shape: Slightly Oval
The Daytona Retro Ride is a winner for the price. If you are looking for a non-expensive helmet with simplicity and style...this is your guy.
But is it comfortable? The fiberglass shield makes this helmet very light weight but the padding gives you the comfort of safety. It hugs around the nape of your neck and high onto your cheeks giving you that nestled in secure feeling. Although it does not have air vents, the shield is not air tight so fogging is little to none.
There is more!
 Because we believe in this helmets enjoyability we are having a sale until Friday!!
Normally Priced at $120 (still a steal)
Sale $ 90 bucks! Take advantage!


FLASH SALE-- 40% off Home Goods March 31, 2017 17:10


 Use code HOME40 to receive your discount at checkout. Shop now-- Sale ends at 12:30 am EST April 1.

Vanson Waxed Cotton Jackets : Leather Alternative March 30, 2017 14:20

The Stormer. The Redemption. 

Vanson Leather Company is known for their "Built to Last" Motto are classic American made quality jackets.

Love Vanson but not looking to wear a leather jacket in the middle of the summer while you ride? Let us introduce you to Waxed Cotton.

Waxed Cotton was created in the 1850's and was widely used for farmers and gamekeepers, so durability was obviously necessary. As motorcycling became popular the waxed cotton jackets benefits were utilized and became the leather jacket alternative. It is waterproof, light weight and flexible. The waxy texture of the jacket helps prevent tearing and road rash but to be clear is NOT KEVLAR. It is not meant for racing but basic motorcycle use.

Now lets talk styles....

The Redemption: Classic, Casual, Cool.

This jacket is a button down 4 pocket style with a collar. It's perfect for dressing up a little or having the option to at least. It has the classic look with the benefits of durability. It is so much more than just a riding jacket! The perfect date night or dinner jacket with that cool guy tone. It is available in Black and Olive Green.  


The Stormer: The name says it all

This jacket is not only a staple item in your closet but will surely become your favorite. With 4 snap pockets in the front for easy access it is nothing short of practical and cool. There is a neck strap and double wind zipper flap to ensure you are breaking wind with this guy. Perfect for riding but also just an awesome piece to own for chilly nights. Available in Tan, Olive Green and Black of course.



BRAND PROFILE: Grifter March 24, 2017 15:12

     We are very excited to be a carrying Grifter gloves at Genuine Motorworks. Grifter is known for their updated moto gloves and believes you shouldn't be cornered into a one-note style of motorcycle gloves.
     They began their journey in an effort to create a quality leather gloves without compromising style. It led Grifter to Gloversville, New York, where they found the remnants of an industrial boom. The community was framed by the glove manufacturing industry. But of course time passes and quality products were loosing popularity as business was taken over by overseas factories.
     This did not discourage Grifter as they partnered with a glove maker in Gloversville. The product quality is not compensated. Down to the leather, which is tanned locally. Just check out the Rangers Gloves.
"Every set of gloves we sell was hand-sewn by a skilled American."
     Now this is what we love to hear!
It is clear they have accomplished their goal. Congrats Grifter!

Simpson Ghost Bandit: Best Bandit Yet? March 19, 2017 18:16


 Described by Simpson themselves:

Designed 100% with motorcycle riders in mind, the Simpson Ghost Bandit is prepared to handle just about any type of riding in killer style and complete comfort. The lightweight shell has been aerodynamically tuned for motorcycle riding, and is fully ventilated for maximum airflow when, and where, you need it most. Integrated speaker and microphone pockets make it easy to install your favorite communication device, and a drop-down sun visor makes riding through changing light conditions a breeze.


A hands on observation:

All of the Simpson Bandits are great durable helmets however the Ghost Bandit is particularly special. Besides the amazing and obvious things, such as the drop down sun visor and more air ventilation, it has other perks. This helmet is truly the upgraded version of the other 2 (Street Bandit and Outlaw).

The locking mechanism is different on the shield for both comfort and durability. The lifting "up and out" type of shield that the other Simpson Helmets have after some wear eventually become loose because of the way it is opened. This helmet will not have that problem with a flip up and down lock. Simply push the lock button up or down and the shield does what you want it to.

There is a chin guard on this helmet as well to prevent air from entering while riding at higher speeds which is also a pleasant little upgrade. The padding on the lower end of the helmet is made to fit your face like a glove to prevent rattling at high speeds.


Just some food for thought while deciding on which Simpson helmet to purchase !


Ghost Bandit

BRAND PROFILE: Thorogood Boots March 17, 2017 14:24



"Since 1892, with the introduction of the first "jobber" boots (job-fitted safety work boots), Weinbrenner has been a leading manufacturer and innovator in the footwear industry, initiating many of the significant occupational safety features that are common today."

This statement cannot be anymore closer to the truth. Most of us all know and love Thorogood boots. Weinbrenner is the company behind your most reliable, classic, and durable favorites.

These boots are made in the U.S.A which is our backbone here at Genuine Motorworks. So it was a given for us to carry such a great product that is made in North-central Wisconsin. All the while being Union Made!

The Weinbrenner company was started by Albert Weinbrenner with Joseph Pheifer in 1892 at the age of 27. They gained immediate success after creating the "jobber" boot with great craftmanship and innovation. By 1908, the company was well known for making great and affordable boots. You can only imagine how in demand the shoes became that they opened 5 distrubution center and this is how the Wing & Wheels logo came about.

Now after 125 years, we are so happy to celebrate Thorogood's longevity and excellence. Even adding new colors to their roster, like these great Roofer Boots in Navy.

Cheers to our friends!


SNOW DAY SALE ! March 14, 2017 13:05


                                  Snowed In ?! Don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself.

Put on some cozy socks, sip on something warm and shop our Snow day Sale. 20% OFF your order using code SNOWDAYUSA20 at check out. Stay warm !

Moto Velocita-- Making a mark for female mechanics March 10, 2017 17:47


In our very own home in Brooklyn, Kerry Yoshiko Sano is opened for business working on motorcycles. Having previously worked in Nascar she now wrenches on Triumphs, Ducatis, and vintage Japanese bikes to name a few.

Moto Velocita is sure to become a Bushwick staple and go to for all your head scratchers or fender benders.

Check out Kerry's interview where she talks about growing up, being a woman motorcyclist/mechanic and her love for it all.

Featured on Womens Moto Exhibit!

ST. PATTY'S DAY AFTER PARTY SALE !!! March 08, 2017 19:18



                                    Who doesn't love a sale and some beer?!

The St.Patty's Day party is not over !! Come visit us at our store 195 N 14st , Brooklyn, NY, 11211 for a good time and a good bargain . 

ALL ITEMS WILL BE 20% OFF !! That includes Redwing boots, Vanson Leather Jackets and multiple helmets! 

We will also be having a Raffle with complimentary beer of course ! For $5 you will have the chance to win 3 different items which will be on display the day of the event.

This is a ONE-DAY only event ! Do not Miss out , See you guys there !! 


76th Annual Daytona Bike Week March 07, 2017 12:44



Running from March 10th-19th Daytona Beach hosts the largest motorcycle event of the year. This year we are reaching the 76th Annual and is expected to be a huge turn out as always.


Daytona Beach embraces motorcycle culture. Most people anticipate this event all year long. Many different people from different places all with unique styles and backgrounds gather to celebrate with live music, raffles and contests all  enjoying the thing they have in common....Motorcycles.

If you have never gone this is definitely a must do. So get your bikes ready and head down to Florida! While you are there look for Bean're and his mini bike as he will be beginning his Aidan's Mini Bike Tour at the end of Bike Week!!

** Visit for more information and a chance to participate in the Aidan's Mini Bike Tour**

Del Prado Brothers Cooking Up Builds in Arizona March 03, 2017 17:55


Del Prado brothers latest sportster build was just featured on BikeFX. My oh my, is this one clean machine! These two have been at it since 2008 and still going strong in Carefree, AZ. They have laid their workers hands on everything from a 1982 Harley Iron head to this beauty, 2001-model Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200. After all it said and done always turns out to be much more.

Check out this bike here and much more on their site!

Sidewalk Swap Meet -- THIS SUNDAY! February 23, 2017 14:55


Have spare parts you have been itching to get rid of??

On the hunt for those last parts to finish your bike before riding season??

Come by this Sunday February 26 from 10am to 4pm.

We have limited spaces available so give us a call or shoot us a text to anchor your spot down. Now is the time so don't hesitate.

See everyone on Sunday!

Text/Call 917-750-0490

North 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Sons of Speed Vintage Motorcycle Race February 21, 2017 13:56

Last October, due to the damage caused to the New Smyrna Speedway by Hurricane Matthew, the inaugural Sons of Speed vintage motorcycle racing had to be postponed. The event is now scheduled during Daytona Bike Week with practice on Friday March 17 and racing on March 18. Imagined by Billy Lane, Sons of Speed is a motorcycle race inspired by early 20th-century board-track racing.

The event will feature 20 racers on hand-built chassis fitted with pre-1925 1000cc American V-Twin engines. Each rider has freedom to customize bars, exhaust, fenders, foot pegs and fuel/oil tanks. The Grand Prize is a brand new S&S Shovelhead motor.


The 20 racers scheduled to participate are:

Billy Lane (1912 Flying Merkel), Warren Lane (1920 Indian Powerplus) Lane; Rick Petko (1919 Indian Powerplus); Shelly Rossmeyer-Pepe (1915 Harley); Rick Marshall (1924 Harley); Matt Walksler (1921 Harley); Brittney Olsen (1923 Harley); Xavier Muriel (1913 P.E.M.); Matt Olsen (19?? Harley); Rhett Rotten (1916 Harley); Derrick Ames (1919 Harley); Bill Rodencal (1915 Harley); Brook James (19?? Harley); Paul Cox (1917 Indian Powerplus); Dan Toce (1914 Indian); Buzz Kanter (1915 Harley); Jim Wall (1928 Indian); Matt Harris (1924 Harley); Mel Stutz (1919 Harley); and Bruce Kannry (1912 Indian).

The New Smyrna Speedway is located south of Daytona at 3939 SR-44, Samsula, Florida is a half-mile, paved, banked racetrack.


Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite:

Option 1: Special Early Bird Rate Pre-sale Pricing. for single-day tickets: $15 for adults, $5 for  kids until March 18. These tickets get you in the gate JUST on the 18th  (single-day tickets at the gate, if any are left, will be $20 per-person)

Option 2: $50 Pre-Sale gets you VIP access and choice seating, allowing you to watch the practice session on the 17th and attend the race on the 18th (also includes a signed lanyard)

Option 3: $250 Pre-Sale gets you all the VIP perks. VIP access, choice seating for practice session and race, signed lanyard, plus a 1-hour group tour of Billy’s shop.

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show February 21, 2017 13:56

If you are looking to get an injection of all things motorcycle, go check out the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show this weekend February 18-19, 2017 . Hosted in Milwaukee, WI, the show is promised to be filled with the most "unusual bikes from the midwest and BEYOND ". There are two exhilarating events surrounding the show with the "Flat Out Friday National Syrup Race" and the "Slippery Sunday Motorcycle Race".

"Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is an indoor invitational that connects motorcycles and builders to fans and riders alike. Keeping the fire stoked all winter long.

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show features over 100 motorcycles from builders of all calibers—flat-tracker, hill climber, chopper, and bar hopper."

Want more info? Check out the full details here.





Aidan's Mini Bike Tour February 14, 2017 13:29


                                            The distance is coast to coast.


Yes, that's right, Bean're and friend Tim Ford will be riding from Daytona Beach Florida ( the day after Bike Week) to San Diego, California. a back road distance of 3000 miles....on stock Yamaha 50cc bikes ! They will be doing this unassisted. No chase vehicle just the open road and will power. It will take 3 weeks to accomplish this ! This will be a new Guinness world record.


." First of all, we decided ( Tim Ford and myself) that since we were doing it unassisted and don't have room on our mini bikes to carry hardly anything, including clothes, we would just do it with the clothes we are wearing. We came up with the idea to wear Blues Brother suits the entire way. It just made more and more sense. They were on a mission from God and so are we." - Bean're


On this ride Bean're and Tim will spread the message about what ALD is and to advocate for ALD newborn screening in every state ! They will carry some proposed legislation to several of the state capitals which they will pass through. They are also are going to attend stops along the way and have fund raisers to help with the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. 


You can support, follow the journey or enter the raffle at under the "Events" section.

The One Moto Show February 09, 2017 12:35

The One Moto Show


The One Moto Show will take place this weekend -- February 10-12 at 900 North Columbia Blvd in Portland, Oregon

If you're in the northwest and out the winter wonderland we are having here in Brooklyn, make sure to get out and check out the show.

From the one of a kind bikes to the Flat Track Race to the 21 Helmets Collection this is a celebration of everything motorcycles.


For more info go to:



8 years ago, we hosted the first One Motorcycle Show in an old abandoned warehouse building. It was crafted to celebrate the weird, rare, unconventional bikes that we loved, in a way that everyone could enjoy. We started out with no knowledge of how to put on a show: let alone what might happen if we did, or the expectation we would be doing it for the next 10 years. It’s almost hard to believe that it has been so long! Our driving force to keep this going was the feeling that we were adding to something that we loved. We want to give back to motorcycling. We want to be inclusive and inspire people to participate.

As things progressed , the show got bigger. We’ve been in multiple locations, and have been lucky to work with some of the most trusting sponsors within the greater world of motorcycles. It has been a non-stop learning process and we’ve always strived to make the show better each year. This has really been our biggest challenge: skating the line between “big” and small. We make this all work with the donation of time and money by people who want to see this happen again, every year. We are proud of this fact and it’s the main reason we’ve made it this far.

2017: our 8th show. PDX, OR - 900 North Columbia Blvd. Portland OR 

As always, we are exceptionally pleased to keep the show admission at totally FREE to exhibit and attend. This is possible due to the contributions of great patrons like yourself and our amazing sponsors . We are focused on giving back to those who support and contribute to this yearly effort.


Greg Bemis AKA Crayon Spaghetti New Works At Genuine Motorworks April 18, 2013 16:56


We are proud to present a collection of over 20 new ink drawings from Greg Bemis aka Crayon Spaghetti. Greg is a local illustrator and graphic designer living in Brooklyn. His work focuses on classic imagery of skulls, ghosts and animals with his own twist. Each piece is hand drawn with amazing detail, and is truly something you must see in person to appreciate. These drawings will be on display until May 15th, so be sure to stop by. Each piece is $25 and approximately 4.25" by 5.5". Each drawing comes framed in a 6" by 7.75" black frame. More of Greg’s be sure to check out his website. Crayon Spaghetti 

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